Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Crafts

I know a big late but maybe a reminder for myself for next year! I had been collecting jam jars all year and was running out of room in my press so decided to make snow globes as a Christmas present with the kids. I superglued a decoration (water proof if possible) to the lid of the jar and made sure the jar went over it! We made a mixture up of 3/4 water to glycerine and the children added 1 teasoon of chunky glitter. They poured the liquid in but if any gets on the outside it's impossible to decorate as the glycerine is very oily. Add a ribbon and give a shake!

Scrunched up piece of paper covered in cotton wool, facial features added and the poem. Children really enjoyed this :)

We made these one day as part of practical life. 3 pipe cleaners criss crossed and then beads threaded on and the ends folded back on themselves made the cutest Christmas tree decorations

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