Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese New Year Art

Chinese New Year 14 January this year!
A quick dragon cut out of cardboard, coloured in and crepe paper tail added. Honeycomb added as fire from his mouth and red paper to his head. Add a stick and Happy New Year!

Good bye winter

Penguins go to a happy haven that is the recycling bin and up popped the lil chickies and daffodils!

These moody looking fellows are meant to be daffodils but someone was feeling very sombre when I asked them to draw a smiley face on them! Cut out a flower shape and a circle, draw a face on the circle and cut a slit into one side of it. Fold into a cone and staple on. They give a nice depth to any wall art I think.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day

Using the Australia folder as a guide, we drew a picture for each child to colour in about Australia like animals such as sharks, fish, kangeroos, Australian flag, people surfing, map of Australia, Aborigines etc.
For art we made digeridos (sp!) out of old wool holders we got in the resource centre in Castlebar which is well worth joining up to for the paper and recycling materials you can get for art and montessori materials, you just need to be creative in your thinking how to use it!
Painted the wool holder and let dry, put strips of paper on it and some sparkly circles. Painted the kids faces using white paint and sent home a tribe of aborigines!

Environment Cards

We have a few children who are ready to move further in the pink series but not quite there yet so we are trying to incorporate lots of reading work. 3 letter phonic words are written on a piece of paper, let the child read it and place it on the object.Words like:

The room is covered in phonic words but it's good to see :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traffic Lights

Used boxes I got in the resource centre and made some traffic lights out of collage paper. Using this poem we taught the children the colours of the lights:

I ride my little bicycle
I ride it to the shop and
when I see the big red light
I know I have to STOP

I ride my little bicycle
I ride it to the gate and
when I see the amber light
I know I have to WAIT

I ride my little bicycle
I ride it to the show and
when I see the big green light
I know that I can GO

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The messier the better

Can't beat the sieving flour exercise to have the children waiting for the next person to finish with it! Previously had lentils in it but they kept popping out of the sieve whenever the spoon was rubbed over them, I wanted to use some coloured pasta so you could definitely see it so will have to put that on my shopping list

Safety pin exercise

Sorry a bad picture but we were using these pieces of material as our matching cloths but they were not very popular. By adding the safety pins, the children enjoy pinning all the matching cloths together. After I showed them the sharp point, they have a great respect for the safety pin and are so careful with them.